3 running books that will make you a better runner

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon but don’t know where to start? Running is an amazing way to get in shape, toughen your mind and have some fun. In this blog post, we will review 3 books that every beginner runner should read before they take on the challenge of running a full marathon.

Daniels Running Formula

Daniels running formula book

This book is all about the science of running. It breaks down everything you need to know for a successful marathon training and racing cycle. From workouts, injury prevention strategies (including strength exercises), nutrition advice – it’s got an answer or suggestion on just every topic related to this sport! Many athletes consider this book the training Bible. One thing that makes Daniels Running Formula stand out is its scientific approach towards every aspect of running. It is not a surprise knowing Jack’s long-term experience as a coach of Olympic athletes. You can either find the whole book here or pass a simple messenger Marathon quiz (answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly) and receive the book’s pdf 20-page extract completely for free!

Can’t hurt me

Can't hurt me book

A book written by ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins is currently the best motivation book out there. David’s spectacular life story full of child abuse, learning problems, eventual transformation and incredibly hard work will change the way you look at yourself and the world. On the way, David gives you plenty of powerful self-developed mind tools to build your mental toughness and self-discipline. The book is definitely a life changer and one of the best-sellers on Amazon. It will give you plenty of fuel that you will definitely need during your upcoming marathon preparation.

Eat and Run

Eat and Run book

This book written by ultrarunner Steve Jurek and co-authored by Steve Friedman is an absolute inspiration. Steve Jurek is a true hero for all those who are “hungry” and have dreams. Not a long time ago, he still held the American 24-hour running record (165.7 miles)! Also, he was one of the runners profiled in the runaway bestseller Born to Run. This book will blow away your stereotypes about what a runner should eat to reach optimal performance. This knowledge will become essential in your next running steps and it will absolutely help you to get the best out of yourself. Buy it here and never look back!

I am confident that this book selection will give you the running base you need — training and health insights, a proper running mindset and a lot of nutrition advice which all together, will put you on the way towards your running goals. For more articles, see our blog. Enjoy the ride!

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