Knee Brace VS Knee Sleeve: Which is Right for Me?

Both knee brace and knee sleeve are common types of orthopedic support that people use to treat various knee injuries. However, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you because they both have a bit different purpose. This blog post will explore the differences between these two products in order to help you decide which one is the best option for your needs.

Why do you need knee support?

The first thing that you need to consider when deciding between a knee brace and a knee sleeve is what each product does. Knee braces provide more support and stability than knee sleeves while knee sleeves are lighter and more flexible. Have a look at the major differences between the products in the infographics below.

The initial question you should ask yourself is why you need this product in the first place. Let!s look at some options.

Knee injuries

If you are fresh to running and you were too motivated maybe you have hurt yourself. Find here an article on how to avoid this in the future.

In case the injury is not serious, you should definitely go for a lighter version — a knee sleeve. You probably only need a couple of weeks of break and simple knee support will speed up the recovery process giving you desirable support while walking. You may find some of the best choices here, here and here.

A different story is when you have gone through a more serious knee injury or maybe even an operation. In that case, the knee brace is the first choice as it gives you more support and keeps the knee much more stable during your daily activities. You may want to discuss that directly with your doctor. For a top-quality knee brace out there, look here.

In 90% percent of light running injuries, a knee sleeve is an ideal option. It will cause you fewer limitations than braces and it will serve the purpose. Also, you don’t want to spend 40 USD for a product that you do not actually need and when 20 USD investment will do the job.

Injury prevention

If you are only looking for knee injury prevention since you know your knees are prone to injury, go for a knee sleeve as well. A knee brace would cause you much more limitations and would do a very similar job for more money.

A Knee sleeve will do a great job compressing your knee which will lower the oscillation of your muscle and tighten your blood vessels leading to more generous blood flow towards the knee/leg area.

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