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In the blog section, you will find plenty of training, nutrition, hydration or mental preparation tips that will help you to become a better runner.

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In running community, it is a well known fact that running is an amazing way to maintain not only your physcial but also mental health. We were born to run and it has amazing effect on us.

As a person struggling with anxiety disorder and panic attacks, I have discovered that running has extremely positive effects on my condition and therefore the quality of my life.

In the mental health blog section, you may find some tips and tricks that have worked for me splendidly.  If you are interested about my personal story, continue reading below.

About Me

I am Tomas, I am 35 years old and I am a founder of All For Marathon. I am also an IT professional and finally, a runner. I started to run approximately 6 years ago when I discovered I was having some unwanted friends in my life – anxiety and panic attacks. Looking for ways to overcome it, I was advised to try some exercise and running came as a natural choice.

Since then I ran multiple half marathons and marathons. Running had extremely positive effect on my condition. By constantly challenging myself and reaching more and more difficult running goals, I deliver a lot of daily positive emotion to my brain which is the key when fighting anxiety.

According statistics, about 5% of population (more women than men) suffers from anxiety but often doesn’t even know about it. It is my mission to raise the awarness of the problem, bring more people to running and help to improve their overall mental and physical health. If it has worked for me, it may work for you and many others.

My Life With Anxiety And Panic Attacks And How Running Helps Me To Win Everyday

My first experience with panick attack was during my holidays on board of the plane from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, Vietnam. It was the most scary thing that has ever happened to me. Suddenly, I started to feel strong pressure on my chest, my heart was speeding like I would be running 100 meters sprint and I could hardly breathe. At the first moment, I was thinking I was experiencing a heart attack. I was scared to death. I was massively sweating but my feet were deadly cold. The more I was thinking about how I felt, the more I panicked. 


I asked for glass of coke as I thought I must have been low on sugar. The flight attendant gave me one and I drank it. But it did not help. I was hardly able to stay quietly sitting but the last thing I wanted was to create a scene in the plane and scare others. I suffered for around two hours until we finally landed in Hanoi. I called to my uncle who was a doctor. He adviced me to go directly to the hospital as my symptoms were serious. 


The hospital experience in Vietnam wa something else, but that is a whole different story. To make it short, they put me through all kind of tests, including ECG (electrocardiogram) or multiple X rays. Outcome? I was completely healthy 30 year old young man. 


Not exactly though…