Homemade Sports Drink Recipe for Runners

Sports drinks are very effective hydratation option for higher intensity and longer trainings. They contain sacharids and minerals that improve ability of your stomach to absorb water and nutritients from it. Sports drinks such as Gatorade may cost a lot of money. Therefore we bring you a very simple recipe for a homemade sports drink that will give you same results and save you some funds.

Before we get to the recipe itself, let’s see 3 kinds of sports drinks you should know about. It will help you to better understand how and when to use them.

Hypertonic sports drinks

Hypertonic drinks are drinks with a higher sacharids and minerals concentration than blood. They are ideal for recovery after very intensive trainings. They are usually used by professional athletes. If you are begginer or intermediate runner, you will hardly need these.

Isotonic sports drinks

Isotonic sports drinks contain similar amount of sacharids and minerals as blood. They are a great option for runners who want to maintain their sugar levels during and post activity. If you are going to use them during training, it will be long and intense training. They contain solid amount of sugar, sodium and potassium that will help you with energy production. Lot of runners prefer to take them in the form of gel. We advice these. They can be very useful in later stages of your marathon run.

Hypotonic sports drinks

Hypotonic drinks have lower concentration of sacharids and minerals than blood but higher than water. Most of runners should use these. They are ideal for recovery after more difficult trainings when you sweat a lot. Also you should consider to use them during runs that take more then 1 hour. Remember that you do not need to use any sports drinks when running less than 1 hour. In case of these short runs, you do not use high amount of sugars and minerals stored in your body. Therefore drinking water does exactly the same job to refill them as sports drinks. More information about hydratation during running can be found in my previous article.

Grapefruit is key ingredient of hypotonic homemade sports drink

Homemade hypotonic sports drink recipe

To prepare a simple but very effective homemade hypotonic sports drink, you will need following ingredients:

  • 1 liter of filtered water
  • fresh juice from 1 whole grapefruit
  • 2 big (soup) spoons of sugar
  • half small (tea) spoon of salt

Grapefruit is a rich source of potassium, salt is a sodium and sugar is sacharid. Together with water, this is all your body needs for quality long performance.

Mix all of the ingredients toghether and there you go!

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