Top 4 Highly Popular Fitness Trackers for the Year 2021

The fitness trackers industry has experienced quite a rocket rise recently. The main reason for that is the increased public interest in fitness and healthy lifestyle. The market is flooded with hundreds of types of fitness trackers making it difficult to choose. That is why I decided to present you a selection of top-rated devices to help you to navigate your options.

Mindset Running

3 Colossal Marathon Mistakes you Don’t Want to Make

Are you training for a marathon? If so, then don’t make these 3 colossal marathon mistakes that many of first time marathoners do! You know the saying that goes, “to err is human.” It is true but clever people learn form others mistakes instead of their own. It is quicker and it hurts less. 🙂

Hydration Running

3 Best Ways How To Carry Water While Running

If you are a starting runner or an aspiring marathoner, you are probably looking for tips on how to carry water while running. More and more runners ask this question as temperatures go up. And it makes sense as carrying water with you may be a game changer during intensive runs. Luckily…