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#6 Weekly Running Tips: Mental Tricks And Tools For Runners

Running is not an easy task, especially if you are trying to go a long distance. Marathon runners know that the key to success is not just physical but mental as well. Here are some mental tricks that you can use when running gets hard and you feel like you would rather give it up.

  1. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line of your race. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment and pride as you cross the finish line and hear everyone cheering for you. This will help keep you motivated and focused on your goal.
  2. Imagine you’re running at a beautiful place and let your imagination be as detailed as possible. Feel the ocean’s breeze or smell of the forest. This will help distract you from any pain or discomfort you may be feeling and keep you in a positive mood.
  3. Take time to appreciate your accomplishments from the past, the more difficult the better. If you could manage that, couldn’t you finish this run as well? Remembering how far you’ve come will help keep you going when things get tough.
  4. Finally, remember all the people that treated you badly, hurt you, or simply did not believe in you or strongly underestimated you. How did you feel about it? Will you show them who are you now? Use this as fuel to push yourself harder than ever before.

If you are interested to know some more mental tricks that work for me read How Ultimate Number 42 helped me to run a marathon. I believe there is no one that knows more about mental tricks, motivation, or self-discipline than David Goggins. Read his amazing books Can’t Hurt Me or Never Finished, both ultimate guides towards a better mentality in training and life.

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